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This Week’s Mix

Cinnamon Rolls

About this Recipe: rolls not buns so there is less dough and more sweetness! makes 12 medium rolls sticky bun bottom (as pictured above)

Marble Pumpkin Loaf

About This Cake: Pumpkin / Chocolate marble moist loaf cake cocoa powder for chocolate flavour pumpkin pie puree Not pie filling pumpkin spices! super simple steps! This loaf cake is a must try if you love the pumpkin season…. but also love chocolate! moist inside and gently crunchy on-top; its simply a must bake. Recipe … Read more Marble Pumpkin Loaf

Vanilla Layer Cake

Classic White Cake layers & Sweet American Buttercream About This Cake: makes three 9 inch cakes * I have cut off the golden edges around the cake (optional step)* American buttercream: consists of unsalted butter, icing sugar, milk, and vanilla extract American buttercream is very sweet! Swiss buttercream could be made alternatively light and fluffy … Read more Vanilla Layer Cake